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Bliss Om is a holistic living centre, created to capture the hearts of people who are on their own journey of enlightenment. It has been a vision of mine to create a place that felt peaceful and loving the moment you step through the door. A sanctuary for the mind body and soul.

“There is a quiet light that shines in every heart. It draws no attention to itself, though it is always secretly there. It is what illuminates our hearts to love life.” ~ john O’Donohue

Within Bliss Om we have created a Meditation room, a quaint yoga facility and sacred space for life coaching. Bliss Om has been blessed to have the most authentic passionate teachers who will guide and direct you through your journey and provide you with the connection you are looking for.

Bliss Om is situated on a beautiful piece of property surrounded by nature and the history of the quaint village of Kleinburg. We have also created a walking labyrinth amongst the trees to be used as a meditation tool fo reflecting, receiving, meditation or prayer.

“A Sanctuary for your soul. A place to pause and reconnect to find your silence, your quiet light. Nourish your body and find your Bliss” ~ Lora Lisi ~ Life Coach, Guided Meditation Leader



 Dear Lora I am now in the process of positive change because of time spent at Bliss Om. I came to Bliss Om in a desperate state. Suffering with sever anxiety and depression; I was in constant fear. I was unable to control this fear and I was vi.... 

-Happy, Healthy and Safe, Emily

 After having a Life Coaching Session, Lora invited me to attend a Mantra Chanting Session and start practicing meditation. Honestly, I did not know what to expect but I was really surprised about the energy and peace that I found through the first se.... 

-Julio Fournier, MBA 06

 Life Coaching Sessions with Lora Lisi. "For a long time I felt stuck and going nowhere with my life, I was really interested to find a life coach and to get an unbiased opinion and direction of what was preventing in life to move forward. I was reall.... 

-Mantra Chanting Sessions with Ram Vakkalanka